Günbebe has been operating for three generations; following the footsteps of our elders, doing the profession in the best way and adopting quality as a principle of our work since the early 80s. We are proud to uphold the quality of our shoes and the trust our company have been constructed over years to our costumers.

The brand CHOOSE within the Gün Bebe;

Focuses on getting into world market with it’s quality shoes. Our fundamental principles and goals also focuses on teaching young generations the know hows of the shoe industry to grow day by day.

Following the fashion along with making sure the young generations making their first steps nice and healty with our anatomic and orthopedic shoes, manufactured with latest technological production materials.



As Gün Bebe anatomic and orthopedic shoe company, providing quality service and gaining our costumers satisfaction with our experience over many years and strong technical team is our main object.


Being respectful to world we are surrended and specially to our work environment. Fulfilling the legal obligations along with happy employees and being on top of the list of best companies to work with for our costumers.


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